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Henderson, NV

[NV] Question - Upg to Ultimate w/ Cox Phone

Currently I have Cox Preferred Internet & Cox Home Phone. Still using the ancient Moto SBV5222 modem that was supplied by Cox when I got the phone service.

I am considering Cox Ultimate internet, and I know I will need a new DOCSIS 3 modem. If I call Cox and upgrade to Ultimate, will I need to buy my own DOCSIS 3 modem? And then what will happen to my Cox phone (since both services are currently running off the Cox-supplied SBV5222)? Or will Cox just supply me with a DOCSIS 3 modem (not counting on that)?


Las Vegas, NV
cox has a all in one d3 modem with voip

its a Cisco DPQ3212 since you have have high speed internet and phone they should loan you the modem for free


Phoenix, AZ
reply to Kilzon
ultimate requires a pro install and they should be able to swap the mta for a newer d3 version to handle it

Henderson, NV
reply to Kilzon
Cool thanks for the info guys, just placed the order!

Henderson, NV
reply to Kilzon
Gotta say I am very disappointed with what has transpired since I ordered the Ultimate service on the Cox web site. After completing the order, it asked me to schedule an install date ($29.95) which I picked Saturday (today), and it also stated that the modem would be supplied at no charge. Here's what I received THIS MORNING, and only after I e-mailed Cox last night asking why I hadn't heard anything about scheduling the install:

Dear Xxx:

Thank you for contacting Cox Communications. We sincerely apologize and are committed to resolving your issue.

Our records show your Preferred HSI was upgraded to Ultimate HSI as of 2/01/13, however before you can receive the upgrade you will have to upgrade your current modem to a Docsis 3 priced at $39.99.

You have the option for us to drop ship it to you, so that you can self install for free or we can schedule a professional installation for $99.95. Please indicate which you choose at this time.

We appreciate your patience in this matter. If we can be of any additional service to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact Cox Communications again.

Thank you,
Xxxxxxxx X.
Cox Communications
Las Vegas E-Care Team

And this is straight from the Cox web site when I ordered:

Cox Internet Ultimate
Package Features
* Internet Equipment
Pick the Internet equipment option that works best for you.

Wireless Gateway - Lease Wireless Gateway - Lease All-in-one DOCSIS 3.0 modem and Wireless 802.11N Router by Netgear. The latest home networking technology in one, easy-to-setup device. ($6.99/mo)
I'll use the modem provided with my Cox Telephone service. You can use your existing or new phone equipment to connect to the Internet. Select this option to use the DOCSIS 3 Modem that Cox provides. ($0.00)

Would you like to add Home Network Support?

Home Networking Home Networking Live technical support is just a phone call away, anytime you need it. Your personal assistant will help you:
Setup and configure your router and network
Secure and safeguard your personal information through security and firewall configuration
Connect all your devices to your network, including smart TVs, gaming consoles and gamer handhelds, e-readers, wireless
smartphones, tablets, netbooks, MP3 players, Mac/PC computers and laptops
Support for an unlimited number of connected device
No Thanks

I'm ready to just cancel Cox service all together, if there was only a good alternative to internet in Vegas.

Chesapeake, VA
Service changes can't be made from the website. You were given an install date because the system though you were a new customer. This is something that would have to be handled by calling into our local sales office.

Omaha, NE
said by CoxTech1:

Service changes can't be made from the website. You were given an install date because the system though you were a new customer. This is something that would have to be handled by calling into our local sales office.

why can't it see if you are a current customer to upgrade if you are logged in your account?

Henderson, NV
reply to CoxTech1
That's not true. On the button itself in the 'MyConnection' page, when you hover over the 'Order Services' button it pops up Order/Upgrade Your Services.

If you can't upgrade your service on the web site, then why did it let me do it??? I was logged into my account!

To Clarify, what you said may be 'true' but that's not what the Cox web site is leading people to believe.

Also, since I wasn't ordering/changing my Cox Phone service, then why did it ask me if I wanted to use the modem included with my Cox Phone service, lol.


Portsmouth, VA

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Well do you have cox's phone service? because if so, you can request from cox to upgrade the phone modem to a D3 eMTA, which can provide both your cox home phone service, and your ultimate internet service. The modem will be no charge to you, but if you ever decide to stop using there phone service you will be required to return the modem, and/or maybe able continue to use it at a monthly fee. Regardless you need to call cox's billing/sales to get your matter taken care of, as using the cox site is pretty much useless for adding any kind of service.