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united state

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reply to jack b

Re: Water Shut Off Valve Not Shutting Off Fully

Thanks everyone! This is all a bummer to hear, but what can you do. I actually don't have the style pictured in lazman's post but rather i have the one in this pic in this post.
While i understand long-term it should be replaced, does what Jack b is saying or what normal was saying apply to my style as well? Seems like it should.

Leander, TX
Could you take a pic of your valves?

reply to NullQwerty9
said by NullQwerty9:

While i understand long-term it should be replaced, does what Jack b is saying or what normal was saying apply to my style as well? Seems like it should.


If it was the washer right at the top near the plastic or metal handle, it would drip at the handle. So it isn't that. But pick one up. If it ever leaks (or you damage it) you will be glad you have it.

In the picture you can see a washer in the pipe. That is one of them to change. There is actually one or two more, depending on the model. One right at or rear the end, which really isn't visible in that picture, and you may have another o-ring in between those two.

So shut off the water, take the entire valve out (may have to wiggle it hard when you unscrew it) and bring the whole thing with you to homedepot or whatever ("some" homedepots hire retired plumbers so you don't waste an hour dicking around wondering which one will fit out of the hundred different sizes. The guy will likely replace them for you right there).

Get extra's for each of these in your home. Do them all. Flush it out a little bit to move particles out.

I have one in the house like that (seems to be a cast iron handle) from around the 60's which is an odd non-standard size these days. Homedepot didn't have one of the parts. Had to go a real plumbing only type place for the "packing washer".

So while these are normal to see, if it's a real 50-yr old odd size one like I have (and they are quality made) you may have trouble finding that packing washer. So go easy on that particular washer just in case (since I don't know the specifics of yours).

reply to NullQwerty9
said by NullQwerty9:

This is all a bummer to hear

Nah. It's a bit of a pain in the ass to have your ass-crack up in the air while under a sink and bent in positions that the human body wasn't meant to be in, but the wife or GF will get a kick out of your manliness as you are under the sink.

When one goes, it's best to do them all in the house. This way you know you did them all at the same time and know you won't have an issue again till your an old man. Plus it's something simple you should learn to do instead of running out and buying a whole new valve. Few dollars only for the whole house (and maybe the taps outside for your hose). Plus once you do one then the second one is easier and you will be happy you did it.

Then once it's all done, you suck in the gut, flex, and say, "honey I did it, I deserve 3 beer". Then at work Monday you find out she took a pic and put your plumbers crack on facebook...

Then you get to help someone else here by telling them your war story a year from now.

...All normal.