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Woodbridge, VA
reply to ITALIAN926

Re: The RG6 Compression fitting blues

said by ITALIAN926:

Why would Verizon install an unnecessary
"bigger splitter" in order to introduce more signal loss?


In my initial installation they installed an eight-way splitter even though I only needed it in three locations. The signal from the ONT is very hot which is why he put the eight-way splitter in. I can split the signal several more times after that eight way splitter and still have no issues.


·Verizon FiOS

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LOL Go ahead split it "several more times" after that 8 way.

You want to start with 11-12db on an 8, then add SEVERAL more after that. Lets be generous and assume youre talking about "several" 2 way splitters with 3.5 to 4 dB loss on each port. How many is "several" ? Lets just say 2. 12dB + 8 dB is ~20dB of loss. I HOPE all your TV's are in arms length to the ONT, because we must consider about 6dB /100 feet of rg6 coax. Shall we even mention how temperature can negatively affect these numbers as well?

FYI, depending on distance, adding ANY splitters after an 8 puts the signal BELOW what Verizon rates as acceptable, and is a recipe for pixilation and/or missing channels.