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This is a sub-selection from It's all about the..


Edgewood, TX
reply to Simba7

Re: It's all about the..

It's called GREED or a more appropriate definition would be `Vulture Capitalism'. A bunch of effin money junkies that are more concerned about raking in profits than just improving peoples lives with technology.

The dollars they are so effin eager to pilfer out of peoples wallets is worthless paper for the most part. Printed out of thin air, backed by nothing, and interest charged on it.


Beverly Hills, CA
Slow down Tex... You got some of it right, however the dollar is backed by our economy, productivity, and prosperity. This also translates to tangible assets.

I agree that Tex got some of it right but your claim of prosperity, economy and economy doesn't quite make it either. The US is a Debtor nation (just look at our "deficit" and who we owe money to!). We're not in some economic golden age either as more and more companies come to grips with the economy. Our unemployment is way too high and even the reported unemployment percentage is not even taking into account those who have given up trying to find work. The US dollar is backed up by empty promises at this point in time. If our creditors called in their paper we would be up a creek and unable to pay off our debt. I don't blame TEX for being so agitated.


reply to TexasRebel
It's easy. If people would be willing to drop their cell phones, things would change. Rule #1, PRICE what the MARKET will bear. People are willing to get raped, companies are more than willing to accommodate.


Beverly Hills, CA
reply to Twaddle
Again, spoken like something taken from the Media, depending on who is spinning the story. Fact, the USA cannot run out of money. Fact, we do not borrow money from other nations like you would a bank. They invest in our Economy. Fact, the dollar is backed by your sweat and mine. The largest chunk of that 16 trillion is owed to.....wait.....wait......US as in the USA. Our economy is constrained by inflation, nothing more. What economic golden age are your refering to? We have been leveraging fiat currency since 1971.