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reply to ImpldConsent

Re: Magicjack connection

Yes I can connect as you said. However, hard to do so that other people in the house can access the web as well.

I was thinking today (sorry, again not great with computers), is it possible to get a "splitter"? I was thinking if I could have one, I could run the ethernet cable and split it, one to my tower and one to my router, that way my puter would be hard wired all the time.

Would also help keeping the kids off computer after bed time, just unplug the wireless and mine would still work.

Possibe? If so, might help my connection.

Thank you for your response and help.

Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse
What you are calling a "splitter" is best referred to as a "Switch" (switch/YES - hub/NO). Plenty of available options. Try to get from a reputable vendor (Linksys/Cisco/Netgear...). After a quick search, this is a decent option: NETGEAR 5 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch (GS605AV) at a good price.
Absolutely possible - be careful - you just might love this stuff.
That's "MISTER" Kafir to you.


ok...not what I was really thinking of but I'll have a look in town when I go.

Thanks for your help.

Anon in SJ
reply to ez2cy
Your magicJack softphone, the little window that shows a keypad and mJ ads, has a button called Menu. Click that to see a way to adjust volume, one for your ear and one for your microphone. Try sliding the mic volume all the way up.