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Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable

#1 reason why I don't use data on my cell phone

this would be why I am glad I only have cellphones for talking and non data usage. As a matter of a fact I believe that if people could learn to live without using as much data on their phone we wouldn't run out of wireless spectrum as fast and it would help make the providers conserve bandwidth instead of just adding more to their stock pile just because we can. Thanks to all of the people that must use their phone to mess around and do nothing are going to be the death of OTA TV in the US.


I don't think the answer is to restrict a new technology in order to keep an old technology, I do think that as virtually no markets use anywhere near the amount of OTA spectrum available, their should be efforts to consolidate spectrum OTA in markets. As well as spectrum sharing in other bands.
Maybe smartphones and wireless broadband aren't important to you, but more users in america care about wireless broadband speeds than OTA TV. Not that I don't care about OTA in fact.

Unfortunately, it's already dead to me. When I moved, I tried to get OTA tv, I live approximately 28 miles from NYC towers in NJ
I live in an apartment, and you can't put antenna's up anywhere outside. The only people around here who can get OTA is home owners who pay for rooftop antenna's.

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
In the old days with analog signals, you would pull all stations within 40 miles of your place easily. That's with cheap rabbit ears.

This digital OTA is rubbish, if the signal isn't perfect, you get nothing.

I used to be able to get about 12 stations with rabbit ears..now 1 station.
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