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Hazelwood, MO
reply to westdc

Re: Another

On who, congress?

Let me let you on a little secret...... Every representative has term limits, they can be elected for as little 1 term if that is what we want.

The problem is that we the people are idiots and keep electing the same morons into office and then allow them to lobby the congress when they are not in office any more.

Lavalette, WV
The problem is that the majority rules system we have is not receptive to change.

Most people are very content with the way things are - and these people vastly outnumber those who A) desire change and/or B) actually take the time to think out issues.

A lot of my friends talk about the same 'stuff' in politics (e.g. nothing substantial), and when I bring up a big issue or something that is important they brush it off as a non-issue.

The problem is no one wants to 'rock the boat', so to speak - everyone's so content with their own specific lives they don't want to induce change in any form, because it could lead to disruptions in their routines or something similar.

A majority rules system only works when the majority has enough interest to actually care, but when they don't or when they choose not to, you limit the options of those who actually want things to be different, because the smaller minority can and will be outvoted.


Hazelwood, MO
There was a study released recently that showed most people gave great approval to their representative but gave a much greater subpar review of all other politicians.

As a nation we think we are being poorly represented by Congress yet all of us as a nation think our elected official is doing a fine job. We are morons!

We as a nation need to view Congress as a whole. If the current one is not working for us we need to change out every member up for re-election because they are part of the problem. If a couple good ones are affected, then let that be a lesson to the rest. If they know a few bad apples will cause the entire cart to get tossed and that the person next to them can be their downfall they will be more apt to bring that person back to representing the people instead of allowing them to go rogue.