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New York, NY

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You can say what you want. 200 + a month for triple play cable service is way way way to expensive. Even here in NYC. That is the main reason everyone here drops their service and it is happening here big time. It is the cost. After a month without tv service you start to realize most of the shows you watched you don't miss and by than you're watching what you choose on Netflix. Are you paying attention HBO? Time is running out..... where's your HBO Go for those who just want HBO and don't want to be forced into buying a full package...

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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i'm happy with TWC ($30/mo Coop discount for Standard 15/1), but that recent modem lease stunt has me nervous. since the Coop restricts OTA roof antenna, i get my video content by p2p/torrents over a $20/yr VPN provider, so it's unlikely i'll ever get cableTV unless is finally goes AlaCarte. i would have stayed with Verizon 7/1 DSL had they not forced POT on me - since my home phone need be nothing more than a $20/yr MagicJack. so i'll probably stay with TWC even when FiOS finally comes to my building in 2014, as long as TWC does not significantly raise my subscription costs or caps my GB/mo usage (i get about 2GB each day).