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Irving, TX
reply to OdinFaktor

Re: TWC sucks

said by OdinFaktor:

$220 a month!!! Holy... sounds like someone is getting screwwwwed but good. lol

The digital phone integration is nice and amounts to less than $25 of the bill. Having that much DVR space between 2 DVR's and all channels (save the mexican tier) + 75/5 makes it far cheaper than FIOS or dish, not to mention with dish you're dealing with the terrible PQ.


said by chamberc:, not to mention with dish you're dealing with the terrible PQ.
Please elaborate I've had Dish since it pretty much started, and the PQ when SD was all there was far superior than crable or OTA, and since HD its as good as the 720p, 1080p data I have...

Dish is using MP4 and limits most 1080i to 1440V v. 1920V, I really see nothing to complain about on Dish other than the SD's that have no HD equal...and why they are wasting space on SD's that have HD... if you don't have a newer DBS receiver to convert it to SD, too bad! I was required to upgrade AT MY EXPENSE my 5K, so all you luddites should upgrade too so transponder space can be saved/reused for more important things.
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