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Antioch, IL
reply to dnoyeB

Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

dnoyeB and pflog: I think you're both basically correct. Their management and customer retention philosophy is a joke. It amounts to: sucker them in with great sign-up rates, then increase the annual billing over a period of years with only modest increases in speed every few years apart... and when they get fed up, let them leave because you have a cable monopoly in every market you serve.

Proof of this is the multitudes of people (many who post here), who simply get fed up, cancel service, wait a while, and sign up again to get the lower rate and start at "ground zero" for the "fee escalation game". Maybe I'll do that and let you all know how it goes. Might as well try to game them back.

(That part is the government's fault, just like it's their fault for allowing price fixing schemes among cellular data plans... oh I must be crazy for complaining about that too. I'm just the paying customer is all. lol)

Quakertown, PA
I also dont work for comcast. You dont like the way the new customers get promo prices we get that. But thats the way it is. Its the same here and i have plenty of options. Guess what every one of them do the same thing. We are just pointing out that its that way if you do or dont have other options. You are the one saying its because your options are limited. Shit goes up and thats just life. If it goes to a level you dont like leave it. Its the american dream but its also the american way of life. There is no one holding a gun to your head and saying buy it.