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Gloucester, ON
reply to d4m1r

Re: CNOC speed matching decision due next week

I know finally were getting something first lol! *Hopefully!*

Whats a POI? Sorry for the silly question but I don't know what that is. I really wish we knew how long it will take to become agg like within 3 months time, or 5 months time.. because i'm definitely not going to wait until November but if its before may i'd be cool with that.

Heave Steve, for the good of the country
said by mikee:

Whats a POI?

Cable equivalent of a Bell central office.
Its where all the wires for a fairly large geographic area come together. Or in the case of a large city, the area may be small but the # of lines is huge.

Rogers has about 30 POI's around the province. By November 15th, all indie ISP's using cable will not have to connect at each POI they want to serve. They will instead connect to Rogers main cable plant on York Mills Rd. in Toronto. One set of wire cutters could do a LOT of damage - I hope that indies ensure that there are multiple fibre routes out of that complex. The York Mills complex has a major railway line running right beside it - gotta hope there's no big derailment with propane tankers next to it.