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FACTS only please
Norwalk, CA

why won't they bring back the SD boxes back

Why is Verizon so stubborn at pissing of customers in a budget.

I know they have lost a ton of customers in the past year, why won't they recicle the cheaper boxes?

More Fiber
West Chester, PA
Let me get this straight. With everyone complaining about VZ not moving fast enough to get the Mpeg-2 only boxes out of circulation, you actually want them to put these back in circulation?

At the point VZ stopped distributing the 2500s, they were charging the same for SD only and HD boxes, so there would be no cost savings.
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Warwick, RI
reply to rtcy
They are waiting for the old CRT TVs to give up the ghost before they force folks to drop SD for HD entirely. Once they do that they're closer to dropping SD channels to free up QAM space, and to be able to migrate all channels to MPEG4.

The old SD boxes are not capable of running the latest IMG, and the newest SD boxes are barely able to run it. Having to do with CPU performance and memory mostly.

One solution will be costly -- push all SD folks to HD at current HD box prices. That will piss off folks like you.

Another solution will also be costly -- push all SD folks to HD retaining the SD box prices. That will piss of a whole lot more with existing HD box prices.

Another solution is to push everyone to HD boxes with SD prices across the board. That will piss off a bunch of shareholders.

No matter what they do, some one will be pissed. They're caught between a rock and a hard place, and while everyone high up in VZ is focusing on their wireless, no one down lower is capable of making a decision about their wireline, consequently leaving plenty to stagnate.

FACTS only please
Norwalk, CA

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you both have good points. but my grandkids don't use HD and in my bedroom, I don't really care.

when I get the cash I will get Ceton Echos and send 2 more boxes back.

I have a six tuner HDhomerun box, also keep in mind for people like me that like movies, they give you a larger amount of SD channels in SD side. so i get to watch old movies that have not been RERUNs in a while

so i can see how your comments sound logical, but some of us on a tight budget, don't have a choice.

like this new package, it's only 5.00 cheaper than my current package that justexpired, and they are raising the prive 15.00 to make the new package that is costing them 30.00 less a month for all the sport packages dropped and what did they do? I really like how they blackmail customers , want to drop your TV portion? oh the 15/5 is 70.00 a month for stand alone. did we all forget DSL for 1/3 the price.? it's still the same crap even if they are giving you faster speeds, WEB sites don't use it, so most of us are paying for content rip-off artist downloading movies....

of course they do their homework and know how much cable wants for internet only or a 2 package.

also if you play around with their web site making your own package, I discovered tey have a DSL like speed package and they only drop 5.00 from it.

they want you LOCKED in on their 100.00 a month package before boxes and premium movies.

how about a PREMIUM MOVIE package only for 45.00 with local channels and a 5/1 internet speed.

there are a lot of families that have dropped them, wanting that kind of option to come back, it would keep that ONT producing some return!

don't get me wrong, I like and use their package, but not happy with the GOUGING
edit: the stock holders are going to loose a lot more guys like me, that can use a homerun box, I had 6 SD boxes and the HD dvr, like crazy I upgraded for that new DVR package with 5 HD boxes, and they NEVER told anyone UPFRONT they were never going to see a SD box again

and also I just saw how their wireless division just signed a unheard of amount of new customers and hit 30 billion revenue. I'm not going to loose any sleep over Verizon, and hope I'm alive when the FCC starts regulation fiber just like copper lines and allowing COMPETITION, like we had with DSL copper providers.

yes this is heresy , but it's smart too. what goes around comes around.
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