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Bolton, MA
reply to kaila

Re: got me by the...

You hit the nail on the head. I need competition. Comcast is the only game in town, other than satellite. I will not put a dish on my roof! I can't get FIOS, and Comcast knows that I'm bluffing if I threaten to pull the plug, because I have limited choices for video and internet. I am a pure capitalist. In general, I really don't have a problem with what Comcast charges. I am upset that I don't have other viable choices if I want to go elsewhere.

I will pursue Aereo and other alternatives. Thanks for the tip.

Alfred, ME
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said by cdbma:

other than satellite. I will not put a dish on my roof!

You dont want comcast because of the box / DTA charges and also dont really want the converter box but the reason you wont use DirectTV is because you dont want a dish on your roof? Do you know that satellite uses boxes to?
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