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There is a lack of sanity

Hamilton, ON

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[Hamilton, Internet] Post-bandwidth increase service issues


I have noticed that since the upgrades have been performed and that our modem is utilizing 4 upstream channels that my quality of service has been decreased, namely between 10-20% packet loss starting only after the traffic has left our network. Utilizing speedtest.net the download tests succeed with acceptable numerics, however the upstream test either stalls on "Connecting" or doesn't complete. Low-bandwidth services (hosted by us) such as DNS, NTP and such are minimally affected, but HTTP, FTP result in either stalls or timeouts. However I can download (and even stream) media from the internet on the downstream side just fine.

The modem's numerics are as follows:

 Power Level Signal to Noise Ratio
Channel 0:4.5 dBmV 36.2 dBmV
Channel 1:3.7 dBmV 36.4 dBmV
Channel 2:3.9 dBmV 37.1 dBmV
Channel 3:3.2 dBmV 36.8 dBmV
  Power Level
Channel 0:43.8 dBmV
Channel 1:43.8 dBmV
Channel 2:43.8 dBmV
Channel 3:43.8 dBmV

I have been on the phone with a rep which has stated that they'll send a tech out Sunday (saying that's the best they can do), but since this is a business account (Business Ultimate 55/60) running internet services on it for public users, ~48-72 hours of undependable service is operationally a long time. Phone service is operating (as DOCSIS 2.0) without issue.

Is there anyone who can suggest anything in the interim?


--Kradorex Xeron
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Can you PM me your MAC?

There is a lack of sanity

Hamilton, ON

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reply to DigitalXeron
Thanks goes to exseven for giving information in PM to stablize our signal levels to at least keep our network operational on the internet until resolution.

Just as an update to this issue, it had been determined another customer on the same node had bad equipment and was back-feeding a signal back into the coax network and thus was causing general interference that was impacting the quality of service. This has since been resolved and packet loss is at 0% across the board.
--Kradorex Xeron
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