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Link Logger
Calgary, AB

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Re: San Fransisco police getting drones

Sorry not selling drones, and not looking for drone pilots, but trying to educate people that this technology is moving far faster then most people could even imagine in so many ways. I am one who agrees with James Burke in that unless people understand what is going on with technology, they won't be able to understand where its going or be able to influence it. In a few short years drones are going to be everywhere and doing a lot of things, some things you might like and some you might not, but once the cat gets out of the bag, it ain't going back in it.

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said by Link Logger:

...once the cat gets out of the bag, it ain't going back in it.

That depends on the cat and the bag...
“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.” A. de Tocqueville

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Not every new technology should or will survive. For example, in past century some folks were excited to see how their feet fit new shoes right in the shop. Of course, later they discovered, that the X-ray, while being a new and "wonderful" technology (as some, selling it, pitched that at the time), could be very dangerous... But wisdom usually comes after an excitement.

While policing us from the sky could, for some, seem "exciting" new technology, I'm confident that people don't want to see new drones starting falling from the sky right on their heads...
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