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reply to Max Mouse

Re: [HN9000] Why am I getting fapped during the fap-free time?

said by Max Mouse:

:( Its all messed up...My fap free time already started sometime before 2am.. I was 1:30 am when I saw it said unlimited at this time....but yeah its like fap free for like 1-2 hours before it goes back using your usage and then fap free again in 1-2 hours what the hell...

So basically your saying it starts kinda on normal time (2am) but only lasts an hour then its non free time again and another hour passes and its free time again (repeat)? Thats strange
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Last night at around 2:00am (cst) my download allowance started going down.....so I figured they must have started the free time 6 hours before that at around 8:00pm. Tonight I tested my idea and found it to be correct. Seems the free download zone is now from 8:00pm to 2:00am cst.

Ralph Mouth

I'm about done with Hugnesnet.

Tonight I got fapped again! WTF! It said download free time and then I noticed my internet was lagging so I checked and I'm fapped!

The Download time was starting at around 1:30 am here Eastern time the past week and ending around 9 am for some reason. Now I'm fapped at 2:30 am.

I despise you Hugesnet! You deserve all the negative feedback you get!