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Re: Bell now giving unlimited usage

I've been a Rogers customer since god knows when but I'm ready to switch everything over to Bell with this unlimited bandwidth offer. I am paying Rogers too dam much with their outrageous $100 over limit charge (on extreme plan). I will have better TV experience with Bell (FibeTV > RogersTV, free PVR), faster internet upload speed, and on top of that I can save a lot of money. There's NO reason not to switch. I'm sure Rogers are just waiting around 1 or 2 month to assess what the damage can be. If the loss is minimal they will just toss us something disgraceful like a 10% discount offer. Never expect anything remotely decent from these guys. Sorry Rogers, I'm out.

Scarborough, ON
I couldn't agree more. Even if bell costs a few dollars more, I will be switching to them when all my discounts expire. I have had it, not with the pricing, or even the caps, its just Rogers is last to the party. Their PVR's are garbage, their new interface for tv is crap to the largest stink, and its been nothing but problems. They rape you on terminal rentals, and the PQ is always sub standard.