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Mountain View, CA
reply to Octavean

Re: Haswell vs Ivy Bridge Benchmarked Compared Clock-for-Clock

So let's pretend for a moment the performance between the two models is more or less the same (just assume give or take 3-5%). That's not a big improvement, agreed -- but I rarely upgrade my CPUs these days purely based on getting a performance boost.

So what does Haswell offer that Ivy Bridge doesn't? Lower TDP? Lower average power usage (not the same as TDP)? More on-die features? I haven't researched the model.

My point is this: if Haswell is "marginally faster" (~3%), yet its power draw is, say, 25% less, then that's a still an improvement, just not in the performance category. This sort of thing would matter especially to folks who run in low airflow environments or hae mass numbers of these processors (25% power savings is pretty dramatic when you have, say, a hundred boxes).
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said by koitsu:

but I rarely upgrade my CPUs these days purely based on getting a performance boost.

THAT is a great point. I don't need increased CPU performance at this time. Lower TDP, and a much better GPU would be appreciated.

At the moment, the biggest issue for me is the 4000 GPU is almost good enough for stand along gaming. Work on the GPU, and eliminate the need to buy a video card, and I'll be upgrading just about everything (assuming increased GPU performance still lowers total TDP compared to a discrete GPU).
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