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Google fiber the reason?

Huge speed upgrades, 3X downstream, 10X upstream for phoenix the only competition is Qwest which is crappy DSL and nowhere near these speeds. I think it really shows the influence of google fiber. Just like when email accounts has 10 megs of storage then gmail came along with 1 gig of storage everyone else had to match. Even though google fiber isn't a direct competitor most markets, I think it has somehow made other providers 15mb (or whatever) download speeds some puny compared with 1gbps google offers and feel they have to catch up, at least a little. I don't see why else this could be. It's not like QWEST is providing any incentive


Albuquerque, NM
I thought Qwest went and now operated by CenturyLink. CenturyLink will eventually sell out or close due to massive Plain Ol Telephone service losses.


reply to Needleinthha
Cable companies have had the capability for a while to give much higher speeds with Docsis 3.0. Whatever motivates them to raise speeds is ok with me.


Newton, NJ
reply to RWSI
Actually, CenturyLink is upgrading. At least here in NJ. They are rolling out Bonded DSL. 25 megs down, 2 megs up. While that's not 150/20, it's certainly much faster than 3-10 megs down, less than a meg up.
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