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Evansville, IN

When will problems with "free" Download Zone be fixed?

When is the problem with the Download Zone servers going to be fixed? Every night I go to bed near 100% with almost no daily usage used and a full download bank (or at least I was, before this started). I wake up every morning to a red stauts meter and FAPed. I've called twice, been told that there was a problem and that my "free" downloads are being counted against my daily useage and been given restore tokens but the problem is still going on after about six days. Restore tokens take me back to only 50% and don't take into consideration the loss from my download bank.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone have any details?

- Byron Followell


Evansville, IN
Sorry guys. I was scanning for similar topics and scanned right over an existing topic for this one. It doesn't have anymore info concerning when things might be fixed but should probably be the common thread for these sorts of issues.

»[HN9000] Why am I getting fapped during the fap-free time?


Coos Bay, OR
reply to bfollowell3

Re: When will problems with "free" Download Zone be fi

I'm not going down all day, no matter how much I download, until it gets to sometime in the late evening. Then it starts reflecting usage.