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Laveen, AZ

[AZ] Certain Channels Out

I found this to be a little odd and thought I would ask to see if anybody else has experienced this issue...

I noticed last weekend that certain cable channels were out at my house. I could not tune 1006 through 1012 and then 1031 through 1033. I tried the standard def versions and they were spotty tuning in and out. Those are the only channels that acted that way that I have found. I did a box reset last night and now the only channels I get are 02 through 12. That's it. I have a cablecard in the other room. It is still working except for the HD channels above. They still don't work. I have a TV that is directly connected to cable from the wall (no box and doesn't use the cablecard) and it works fine - tunes the SD and HD channels that it is capable of tuning.

One thing I did notice on the cablecard is that the signal quality was about 10% worse than normal on all channels. Signal strength was fine.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Cable box gone bad? I do have a signal amplifier in the mix supplied by Cox. It has power. I have MoCA supplying internet throughout the house too. Everything was fine until about a week ago. Thanks.

West Warwick, RI
If you can, try to hook a small TV to the cable that comes in from the outside, bypassing everything else. If the problem is still there, time to call for a Tech. I doubt its any hardware issue. Sounds like a signal issue, but it would help to isolate it.


Laveen, AZ
reply to peterman25
Interestingly enough...all the channels came back around 8pm last night. I had my wife test that they were still out before I made the call to Cox and they were out. 10 minutes later she was going through them again and all was good. I am going to chalk it up to the recent internet changes causing my TV problems. Hopefully it is fixed for good.