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Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

said by Smith6612:

While the hop there is apparently to France or owned by a French company, it isn't going to France as latency would be double of what it's doing now.

Most game servers located in France that are pingable are in the 80-100ms roundtrip for me from NY. Try pinging this game server in France: That server is 100% located in France and you can compare that ping to the transit server in the previous traceroute(, notice the similar latency range. Even better, try doing a trace from your workplace so the test is more accurate.

edit: server NOT in France

North Tonawanda, NY
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Here's the thing though. The reason why I stated it couldn't be going to France was due to the fact that with the way Verizon sends things, it seems you have to tack on at least 10ms for a round trip just to New York. From there, transit tends to be around 80ms from France in back. When you go: Connection > NYC > Peer > France > New York and back in a round trip you've got something that would easily hit 160+ms. Unless it's "turning around" somewhere in the middle of the ocean?

Anyways, here's the pings to the two servers you asked for. New York server is first followed by the server in France.

Traceroute to France server:

That's the fastest route I can get to there. But hopefully things are well in Verizon land tonight. I won't be able to check at home until late tonight off peak hours.