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anon anon

reply to MrFixit1

Re: Charter Channels Down Middleton WI

ignore the last post I though you were talking about NOT having shopping channels.

At any rate eventually ALL channels will be digital and yes to get in anything other than basic you will need a box. This is not any different than what DirecTv, DishNetwork, FiOS or U-verse requires.

Fed UPx64

Why don't we start a class action against charter? I have had charter for over 40 years. I don't want a box! Do the math. How much more would it cost me? Sending an email to my congressman tomorrow morning. I am just too dang mad to do it right now!


Rochester, MN
reply to anon anon
Anon anon is correct, you need a box for any tv service, including OTA if you don't have a qam tuner.