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reply to afterburn999

Re: VPN service

Where do they say this? ibVPN is seriously inexpensive and claim only a 7 day log policy. Cryptocloud is 4x more expensive and not a peep about log retention. Must be a platinum coated service but the quality of their web site suggests otherwise. Why do you recommend them?


Ottawa, ON
I'm looking into AirVPN. They say they don't keep logs at all.

AirVPN has a good price. Distrust any statement that says "No monitoring nor logging of activities online".

They write "Q: Do you keep session logs or any other kind of logs that can be used to track identity and Net activity? A: No, we don't keep logs of that kind." Notice how they make the question very specific! This is intended to slightly mislead.

The privacy statement admits "Air servers and software procedures acquire only personal data which are strictly necessary for the technical functioning of the service, for example IP address." I don't see anything that says how long this data is retained.

SwissVPN is also very cheap at 6 CHF. TorrentFreak reports that session IPs (not visited content, websites, mail, etc.) are being logged for 6 months.

ibVPN appears to have an awesome price. They are also sneaky with their wording: "Do you keep logs? NO, we do not keep logs with our users` activity. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information." The Privacy policy admits "We will however record and keep the following data for 7 days: Time, date and location VPN connection was made, Duration of the VPN connection, Bandwidth used during the connection."


Scarborough, ON
reply to DanceWithVPN
Cryptocloud did an interview with Torrentfreak on their VPN privacy article.

Give this article a read, it's 2 years old but they still stand by what they say. I've been with Cryptocloud for some 2+ years now, never had a problem.

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