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Re: [WIN7] 70% of RAM being used

but my problem is the system is lagging, i'm assuming because it only has a little memory left to play with. but the thing has 6 gb, isnt that enough?

Burnt Out Cynic
You're still assuming the entire problem is chrome all by itself. What extensions, and plugins were running.... Again you can see it's memory usage per page, and extension in chromes own task manager. Chrome also runs sandboxed so that's another layer, and when it comes to things like exploits in popular plugins like flash it can help prevent them from escaping.

Use chrome again, right click at the top, and open the task manager.... Also go into the plugins enabled, and what extensions are enabled, of which some of both might have been installed without permission. Even logitech software might throw yet another extension in chrome.
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reply to jangona
If you're oversubscribed on memory, you'll be executing a lot of paging I/O, which could be a cause of slowness. The measure of that is the hard fault rate, which is one of the graphs on the resource monitor page posted by BlitzenZeus See Profile. What's yours?

(A few per second, or an occasional blip, is not bad. What is bad is large continuous fault rates)