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Electronic Box Pre-Sale Experience

Using their webform I posted this question on Jan. 30:

Could you please check availability of dry-loop ADSL2+ at my address ... edited ... ? I am interested in High Speed 15/1 150GB option. I do not own ADSL2+ modem and would rent one from you. If you can service this address, would you estimate what speeds can I get here ?

Got a reply Feb 1 from sales at electronicbox dot net:

Thank you to write to Electronicbox. We inform you that we do have only the ADSL but i cannot give you answer because you have to contact an other department here is there email address: support@electronicbox.net

It would take about 3sec to forward, took almost full 2 business days to reply. I also find it absurd to email back "please email to this address". Lastly that was legitimate "sales" question.

Is there any other company in Ontario who offers DSL with no-cost dry-loop ? Thanks !


I guess their "forward" is broken.

Mickey mouse in, mickey mouse out.


Saint-Constant, QC
reply to roman19
nice fail lol.

diskace, you might want to check into that.

Cote Saint-Luc, QC
reply to roman19
Maybe you should think about posting on the Electronic Box forum.


reply to roman19
you can try start.ca

you can get DSL or Cable to most places in Ontario. They service Rogers and Cogeco areas with Cable.


I already contacted Start, they replied within 24hrs, and checked my address against Bell database, I can get max. 14/1 here.

Currently have cable plus cellphone data plan as backup. Cable provider had 2 day planned outage and there was no warning. I have no way to tether cell to entire home network so it was 1 PC only. Still with same cable folks, but would like an overlap when switching (not sure if two cable providers can overlap service if they both go through Cogeco) plus I read somewhere DSL does not get congested as easy as cable.

ElectronicBox is the only one who has no-charge dry-loop. IMO dry-loop is Bell cash grab, physical line has been paid for long ago when phone service was first installed here and Bell is only milking it today. Cogeco also owns physical line and yet cable ISPs don't charge "naked cable" fees. If there was no $10/m dry-loop fee, I'd take Start no problem.

Electronic Box CEO
can you pm me the name of the person who replied to you.


Mtl, Canada
Uh-oh, someone's gonna get a spanking.....


·Cogeco Cable
reply to roman19
said by roman19 :

Cogeco also owns physical line and yet cable ISPs don't charge "naked cable" fees.

I beg to differ. All cablecos collect a one-time service charge to switch one of their customers over to one of the new resellers. (Cogeco charges almost $60) In addition, the cableco charges back a monthly fee (dry loop equivalent) to the reseller. The end user customer does not see it because it is built into the price unlike DSL incumbents that are required to break out the charge. Cogeco's rates are the highest which is why there is so little competition in Cogeco territories of Ontario and Quebec. They must be in someone's pocket at the CRTC to have such high tariffs approved.


reply to diskace
I got another reply with answer to my original question directly from Jean Philippe. He even offered more info than I requested. Thank you !


Belleville, ON
reply to roman19
You can try teksavvy. They have one which makes it very easy to check.



1 edit
reply to roman19
I'm considering signing up for the 25/10 plan, however on the website (English), when you click "order", the plan doesn't even show up on the list.

Only 6 and 15mb.

I'd call, but it's far easier to provide my information this way.