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Moultrie, GA
reply to Bashlin

Re: Georgia ETA..??

well.. according to the area manager of the colquitt county area (im not sure what other areas he covers), Darryl Barron.. they began transferring customers over to a new DSLAM last week.. unfortunately, it didnt help me any.. according to the tier 2 techs in oklahoma, there are 3 tickets still affecting our area.. a DSLAM, ticket number 10234183 and/or 000008901560.. an aggregator, ticket number 10258425.. and an ATM switch, ticket number 13770368.. the repair dates (according to tier 2 techs) are: DSLAM April 29th.. aggregator February 22nd.. and ATM switch January 31st.. one of these dates has already passed, and of course it isnt fixed yet.. supposedly these broken pieces of equipment are in Fitzgerald.. if anyone else wants to contact Mr Barron about these issues, feel free to call him at 1-229-890-4400 (his office) or 1-229-890-0647.. the number that calls straight to Tier 2, and skips the retards that tell you to reset your modem, is 1-866-542-9701


Cairo, GA
Yea, I live in Cairo about 2 cities over from Moultrie and the ETR Larissa gave me was the 31st. I didn't play WoW in the last two days and have only surfed. I will be able to tell if it is still crap tonight.


Douglas, GA
its back crap today.. (facepalm)


Cairo, GA
reply to Slipen

Not fixed @ 6:46PM EST.

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Orange Springs, FL
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In Florida, I am noticing the biggest slow down weekday nights consistently. Weekends are up in the air. This weekend until tonight, things were pretty fast. But I also noticed things like social networking was also in a lull, which probably means, people aren't online. Out doing something, not even streaming to the TV.

Reason I am on a GA thread is I read most of them. I am looking for patterns that aren't local. Of course it's the same time of night so that is hard to separate, if it's network wide or just because there are many overloaded nodes around their network.

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Cairo, GA
reply to kirinian
The guy I talked to tonight said he didn't see a ETR for my area until end of June. Which is a full 3 years after my original ETR from when this problem first started. I have not heard anything from any Tier 2 techs since I asked about them moving my ETR again for the 5-6th time. I called the Mr. Barron (I called his office and it got transferred to his home) I told him I don't see how it takes 3 years to "fix" a utilization/latency issue. He claims that the equipment was in our area but it had nothing to ride on out of our area once it was hooked up.