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I already PAY for the ISP to send me data

Why should it matter WHERE the data comes from? I don't think that any end-user ISP should be getting paid by the people that own the servers at the other end of the connection.

Google pays for the bandwidth consumed by their data centers. Billions of people around the planet pay for the bandwidth consumed by their devices. Why should the ISP at our end get more money from the sender?

If Google is forced to pay my ISP then why can't my connection be free?


Fremont, OH
Google is NOT being forced. If Karl linked to the Orange story, it actually says that Orange told Google that if they did not pay, they would be throttled down due to the amount of streaming and data coming from and to Google over their cellular network. Orange could NOT keep up with the costs and demands. Google in return decided to pay to keep the services moving as fast as they could and Orange was able to upgrade, etc.

The only one that gave on this is Google. There is no reason to be pissed off with the ISP, Google decided they'd pay and that is where it is. They could have left the services throttled which I doubt you'd notice any difference over a 3g phone/tablet anyway on cellular.