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Fremont, OH
reply to Skippy25

Re: It's a shame!

The thing is there really isn't anyone to complain to for NN. It's an "idea" and nothing that really exists. especially in other countries such as Africa. Google will have to do what they're doing now, and pay up or not have their services accessed. With Orange though; if you read the article regarding what Orange had to say, Google's services are in very high demand and use more resources than others, so to keep the services from being throttled, Google has agreed to pay Orange. I see no problem with this. Its a win win for both of them. Google keeps the $$$ from ads and Orange and deliver what the customer wants. Now its only a matter of time that it happens here since its already going other places.


Hazelwood, MO
And that is the problem.

If the demand is high by the ISP's customers, than it is the ISP's responsibility to meet their consumers demands.

Google is a fool for allowing anyone to extort money out of them so their services could be accessed better. They are opening a box they dont want to open. Right now it is google, next it is X big website, then it is xbox live traffic, then it is netflix, then it is this and that and so on and so on until the ISP's get to choose ALL the winners and losers in ALL industries based on what they want to charge to allow their customers to access said traffic.


Fremont, OH
Orange i would say is different due to the amount of traffic is over their cellular network. But I do agree, by Google giving to Orange and others, they are going to be required to pay others. It's only a matter of time and they can only thank them selves. Especially since NN is a non-issue as you have people agreeing to paying on top of never was an issue to start off with. NN only was an "idea".