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Charlotte, NC

Connection errors?

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After months of never getting any errors in my connection I am now getting these bursts of errors a few times a day. Each one a few hundred errors. Also I noticed my downstream channels which used to always be in order 1,2,3,4 are now 3,1,2,4. Does any of this mean anything?


I'm experiencing the same thing. I'm not sure what TWC is doing but someone messed up somewhere

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Just now my SNR went from like 40-41 SNR on all 4 channels to like 37-38 SNR. Why is that?


Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable
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Your channel order changed due to boot time load balancing or dynamic channel change. I read that CMTS have a certain number of modems per channel and once that is reached your put on a different channel, but only when your modem reboots. Now I've seen my modem change channel order like that due to errors with TWC's system, but you'd have to look into the event log and look for errors such as T3 Timeout and T4 Timeout. If you have any of those errors then you may indeed have an issue, but if your internet isn't disconnecting or doesn't have any critical errors then your fine. Posting your error log could help determine if you have an issue or not. Now I looked at your signal is pretty good on the downstream side and some codewords are fine. I have way more than you:

Downstream Bonded Channels
Channel Lock Status Modulation Channel ID Frequency Power SNR Correctables Uncorrectables
1 Locked QAM256 4 741000000 Hz 4.1 dBmV 40.3 dBmV 8100 6285
2 Locked QAM256 1 723000000 Hz 5.6 dBmV 40.8 dBmV 14442 11112
3 Locked QAM256 2 729000000 Hz 5.9 dBmV 40.8 dBmV 12106 8031
4 Locked QAM256 3 735000000 Hz 6.1 dBmV 40.8 dBmV 9957 7170
5 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dBmV 0 0
6 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dBmV 0 0
7 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dBmV 0 0
8 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dBmV 0 0

Total Correctables Total Uncorrectables
44605 32598

Upstream Bonded Channels
Channel Lock Status US Channel Type Channel ID Symbol Rate Frequency Power
1 Locked TDMA and ATDMA 9 2560 Ksym/sec 32000000 Hz 42.3 dBmV
2 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Ksym/sec 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV
3 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Ksym/sec 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV
4 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Ksym/sec 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV

which doesn't seem to affect my internet service, so I'm not that worried about it too much.

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Load balancing is done primary for bandwidth balancing then signal issues.

A overcrowded downstream may trigger a CMTS to request one or more modems to move their downstream or upstream channels.

A DCC request can be done and performed while the modem is transferring data and will not reboot or lose sync.


Charlotte, NC
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No errors in the log. Its just odd that my correctable and uncorrectable ran 0/0 for months then all of a sudden 2 days ago started jumping up every few hours. I reset the modem a few times to see if it was anything on my end but that had no effect.

reply to zaxcom
Are you having an issue?

I have about 3k uncorr across the 4 channels and consider my connection flawless 24/7, no hiccups, nothing noticeable. What percent are uncorrectable?

Mine sounds a lot until I tell you total codewords was 13486332676 and with 3041 uncorr that is only 0.0000225.

I can break down codewords further, its nothing to bother with unless you are actually seeing a problem, and you may have a separate issue and just decided to pay more attention to them.