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Eatontown, NJ

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Nasty Greed. Ma Bell never pulled this stuff.

Why would a company charge you for a REQUIRED device? Why? Because Comcast is the greediest company on earth. I HATED THIS F__KING COMPANY WITH A PASSION 10 YEARS AGO and now I'm blowing steam out my ears.

Does a supermarket charge customers to use their motorized carts if they need them?? NO. It's part of the service.

Comcast is charging us, so we use can their service? Doesn't make sense.


FCC- got balls?


Purcellville, VA
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At least Ma Bells fees made (some) sense. Some of the profit from renting the high quality Western Electric gear went to Bell Labs to further science. (Transistors! Lasers!)

Cable is already pretty expensive as it is. If they want to charge this much just put it into the main fee. Granted, Comcast has made more of an effort at improving service in our area compared to Verizon which has given up. (No FIOS for us!)

Still, they do indeed suck. Customer Service is horrible unless you use the direct forum here. Their billing system seems to be mentally damaged.


I called yesterday to downgrade to lowest service package in preparation for complete cancellation this spring. Still waiting for the downgrade, they said it would happen same day. We have too many monopolies in this country. In Europe, cable co must share the cable so competition keeps prices down to 1/3rd what we pay.


Sign the petition:


If you have privacy concerns, just sign with your initials and an anonymous email address. Comment if you wish. We need NUMBERS to make this petition have any importance. Sign it and email the petition link to your contacts and tell them to email it to all of their contacts.

$5 per month is not a lot of money, but, realize that Comcast is probably charging each of its 20 million plus customers. Do the math and that is over a BILLION dollars a year being sucked out of our pockets !! Enough is enough!!! You should be mad as heck at the big corporation aided by the big government ramming this down our throats. If you are not, then we deserve what we get.