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Washington, DC

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Re: Squirrels destroying my Cedar - Help

said by Jon:

Cause killing them is always the answer.


How dare these audacious squirrels come in to OUR habitat and destroy OUR trees?

There are better ways to co-exist with the "nuisance" species around us than killing them. Besides you're not likely to make much of a difference in the 1.2+ billion North American squirrel population by taking them out one at a time with a rat trap.

Lasalle, QC
The Cedar is not diseased, I have actually watched the rodents do this damage. Gnaw off a branch, start moving towards the nest, drop the branch. Repeat. Just with the snow, I did not realize how much the suckers dropped.

So far the only "good" solution would be to get rid of the bird feeders. I do not wish to kill them, maybe just force them to live elsewhere. Is there anything else I can do to discourage them?


Columbus, OH
I have a small-scale version of your problem with a sweet gum. I used to shoot them, but then a pair of red-shouldered hawks moved in across the street. Over three years they fledged 7 young, and they exterminated most of the squirrels and chipmunks. They are just now coming back after the departure of the hawks. We don't have trouble with ash trees - they are almost all gone, and the city has several crews working full-time to remove what's left.

Are there other trees suitable for squirrels besides the ash? Are you treating it? If both answers are no, then get rid of the ash.