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Waterloo, ON

[Cable] Frequent connectivity issues

I already posted in TeksavvyDirect, but it's not really going anywhere...

I was wondering if anybody else experiences frequent connectivity issues. The Internet over cable was working great since I switched to it from DSL. However, during the last 2 months or so it stops working a few times a week. For a few minutes, sometimes longer.

It looks like Teksavvy's approach is to restart the modem. And it usually helps, but that's hardly an acceptable solution.

So, has anybody else experienced anything similar? What was the reason?

I'm in Waterloo, if that matters...

The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
Can you post your signal stats? We'd have to rule that out before looking at other things.


reply to sjakub
I've been getting daily disconnects for months. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a few days, and sometimes multiple times a day. Lasts about 30 seconds each time. Thompson 475 modem.


Kanata, ON
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Check the firmware version on those modems, guys -- it's shown in the web gui at »

For reliable operation in Rogers areas, the firmware must be Stac.02.16 on the DCM-475 modems. If it says Stac.02.08, then you need to have it updated by Teddy Boom in Toronto, or myself here in Ottawa.

More info here: »Upgrading Firmware on Thompson DCM475

The older firmware was fine up until the most recent network upgrades by Rogers, most of which happened over the past few months. The symptoms now are "frequent disconnects" or "resets". I find it peculiar that Teksavvy support people don't figure this out more or less instantly nowadays. It's pretty darned obvious.


TSI Keith
reply to Ron
Hello Ron,

Could you please post your account in the direct forum here: »TekSavvy Direct so we can look into this for you. I would advise checking the firmware version as mlord suggested and including that, plus the signal levels from the same page, in your post as older firmware is a very common cause for issues along these lines.

Thank you,
TSI Keith (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee ( »TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )


Waterloo, ON
reply to mlord
What about Motorola SB6120?

My my modem is:
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot
Hardware Version: 3.0
Firmware Build Time: May 12 2011 15:15:14

My signal downstream is:
Signal to noise: 37-38 dB
Power level: 2-4 dBmV
And power level upstream is 44-47 dBmV .


North York, ON
reply to sjakub
Try doing a factory reset on the modem. It will re-sync you to cleaner channels and might fix your issues.

You can do it from the modem gui page:


Waterloo, ON
said by Kewjoe:

Try doing a factory reset on the modem. It will re-sync you to cleaner channels and might fix your issues.

I have done that. Twice. Nothing changed.