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Luverne, AL
reply to NormanS

Re: [CenturyTel] Poor Line Attenuation

Yep... somewhere between 3.5 and 3.7, depending on how the line runs from there to here. A technician was suppose to come out Friday and double check things outside, but I never heard from them. I stayed home from the office until noon, which was the end of the time frame they were suppose to be here. I am guessing they may have shown up because from yesterday evening when we got home until now the margin has been running from 8.8 to 9.4, which is about as high as I have ever seen it. It could merely be a coincidence. I asked that they call me when they were on their way or at the house, but never heard from them, so just not sure if they showed or now. I haven't heard from CenturyLink either.

How much does a remote terminal cost (installed)... any idea?

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San Jose, CA
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said by Sonnie:

How much does a remote terminal cost (installed)... any idea?

No clue. The ones I have seen are powered cabinets on concrete pads. I am sure they require permits from whichever agency handles building permits for a given locality. Plus coordination with the electric utility to run wires to the cabinet; and, eventually, to light it up.

Even more if they have to go underground with a Controlled Environment Vault (CEV).
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reply to Sonnie
get rid of that westell modem sonnie i used to have the same one and it gave me bad line stats. with the westell modem i was getting about 8db noise margin i switched to a zyxel and my noise margin went up to 15 along with a lower attenuation i also live pretty far away from the telco and ive noticed that the best modem to give me good line stats is the zyxel 660 but if your gunna use that you would need your own router


Luverne, AL
I ordered the Actiontec C1000A and got it in today. I will try that and see what happens. If it does not improve things, I may try that Zyxel 660. I have a Linksys E4200 router already.