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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON

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Re: SB6120/SB6121 Firmware

said by Insilin1i:

Hey guys, I was kind of curious if there was a difference between
SB612X- and the newer I've been on this firmware for a while but I've been continuously getting random restarts which last for a couple minutes. Not sure if it's due to firmware or not?

It may or may not be related to firmware. It is important to do basic debugging first. Do you have good signal, being the most important. Also worth taking it to another address just to see what you get there.

The firmware update can't hurt, but it isn't the source of all problems, not a panacea


Toronto, ON
After the ios upgrade on the UBR in May of 2011 all's started flapping. You will need at minimum but is what Rogers has pushed out which resolves the channel bonding issue "caused" by the May 2011 ubr update.

Everyone will be pleased to know this same update is what caused your SMC D3GN's and pretty much all puma5 based modems to have disconnects. tada! You all know who to thank for that.


reply to Teddy Boom
Hi Teddy Boom could you help me upgrade my firmwire? My Model number is DMC475. I've tried to PM you but it won't let me.