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Chesterfield, MO

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Re: Go Ravens!

I'd like to see the 49ers win simply because I don't feel Baltimore deserves to be there. I know that's not nice to Baltimore fans but it just doesn't seem the Ravens are the best team. Denver is a better team but the defense screwed the pooch and before that, they probably should have let Payton throw a first down to end the game.

However, I have mixed emotions about the 49ers because Kaepernick seems a bit too cocky. Unless someone cleans his clock and he never recovers, he'll have an all-star career but I'm not sure he's done enough yet to be this cocky. Losing the big one would be better for him than winning. I think he'll be a better leader if he loses because his god complex might diminish enough that the rest of the team will play their hardest for him.

I see where you’re coming from about not deserving to be there. That’s how I felt the Giants, especially after losing 5 out of 6 games in the second half of the season last year. If in Week 13 of the 2011 season if Jason Garrett didn’t ice his own kicker, the Cowboys would have won that came against the Cards, the Cowboys and Giants would have had the same record at 9-7. Granted NY swept the season series, but if anything else happened, and the Giants had one more loss, like if the Cowboys beat the Giants a week later on SNF, instead of losing by a Field Goal, the Giants wouldn’t have been in the playoffs. The I hate the Giants with a deep passion, and some of this is hatred speaking and some of this is fact, the NY Giants didn’t even deserve to be in the Playoffs last season and certainly didn’t deserve a ring. But that’s what happened. I feel the 2012 Ravens team is worlds better than the Giants were last year. They’re more dynamic and Flacco is better than baby Manning. Hopefully they do something other than hand the ball to Ray Rice every first down for 2 yard gain.
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Chesterfield, MO
Well I must admit I now believe Flacco is a great QB. The guy deserves the MVP and the Ravens deserve the W. He just doesn't make many mistakes. Although when he audibled a throw option in the fourth quarter when it was 3rd and 1, Boldin saved his bacon. Although the throw was perfect, Boldin made an absolutely stunning catch despite Rodger's hand in the middle of his chest!

Congratulations Ravens fans.