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North York, ON
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Re: [Cable] Markham - Cable Internet stability

I think this is related:
said by TSI Marc:

Guys, I had a look at the network yesterday and one backhaul link in actually pretty congested. It swings back and forth between various backhaul links due to the POI links being spread out across multiple backhaul links.. I.e. some days one back haul link is perfectly fine and other days its not. But never more than one at a time but sometimes it's extra bad... Like last night. So that means that any POIs that have one or more links on that particular backhaul link on that night will have issues. I also believe that this may be part of what's going on with the YouTube situation since so,e packets are arriving out of sequence and stuff like that as they get spread across multiple links. We have an upgrade due next week that I believe should help and we also have another 10gig link due next week or the week after. With that we will be able to sort this out. Really sorry about this folks.

»Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!
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Markham, ON
I am in the Cornell Rouge area (16th and 9th line) this is my speed as of midnight Sunday on the cable 28 profile.

Have had 1 small hicup with dhcp this week but other wise about what is to be expected.


Markham, ON
@ bdoyledimou Thank you


Markham, ON
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Thank you