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Espn 3d picture problem

I have a 3d tv and I was checking out espn 3d.

I get a 3d picture, but the picture is only takes approximately 1/2 the size of the display. It looks like it is shrunk/squeezed from top to bottom.

I've tried changing from 720p to 1080i on the box. I've messed with some settings on my Samsung tv.

Is this really a problem or just how espn 3d works?

If it is a problem, any recommendations?


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Laurel, MD
ESPN3D is transmitted with the image split top-to-bottom, one half for each eye. So, the real resolution is 1280x360p. In my case, I have a TiVo Premiere with a Vizio TV, and I have to manually select the correct 3D mode when I tune to the channel. (I also have to change the output to 720p, and turn off overscan.) But having done that, the image appears correctly on my TV. (By contrast, with my LG Blu-Ray player, the 3D mode is chosen automatically.)
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Thanks for the reply!

I had my tv set up as 16x9. I turned off this setting on the samsung tv and selected "screen fit." I believe this got rid of overscan.

My dvr now outputs 720p.

When I turn to espn 3d, the picture looks pretty same as it did before. I sometimes have to select top/down on my tv (at that point, I see the top down images). After I do that I see one 3d picture in the middle of the tv, with black bars above and below the video. If I select the guide or menu on the dvr, the same thing happens - the guide or menu is in the middle with black bars on the top and bottom.

Maybe that is the norm for 3d tv, I've only watched 3d blurays and 3d via the smart hub and they worked fine (full screen).


reply to looking43d
I think I figured out the problem.

I have Logitech revue and it looks like I have to bypass the revue.

Thanks again for your help.

Woodbridge, VA
Yes you should not be seeing any black bars. With no overscan I have no black bars from the ESPn 3D channel on my LG 3DTV.


Wilmington, DE
reply to looking43d
No issues with my espn 3d. Alsom ake sure your tv is set to Just Scan instead of 16x9. Will take native picture and display as intended.