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Re: [BC] Today - usage cut in half - 28 Days Later a $5 increase

That's odd as I asked the exact same question about unlimited DSl and was told unlimited was 24hr unlimited and the regular limited account was unlimited between those hours. I asked again to be sure and was told the same thing..... ?

Matters not to me , as while my wife is forcing me to keep Optik tv, ( For now, until I show her to power of Netflix US and/or Sickbeard) I will switch to cable for unlimited internet.

I had to laugh when Telus told me that they've had an increase in sales and good feedback since they announced the changes .. that and if I was unhappy I could always move to new provider.
I did question how they could judge it in a positive light considering they are still advertising 500GB on various webpages...
Telus simply don't want to keep customers.


Should have had the Telus rep explain to you how dropping the cap by half would mean an increase in sales and positive feedback.

If i was your average Internet user who only used facebook and looked for pics of puppies and kitties I would still have enough brain power to question how Halving your cap means more sales and positive feedback.


Port Coquitlam, BC
Oh I asked lots of questions, ( like how can Teksavvy be profitable with unlimited even when renting from Telus ??? ) The response is the same boiler plate script ... 10% ruining for the rest etc... it's like talking to brick wall.
They are told to say this and that , they have no reason to question the all knowing voice from the top.
As bimmerdriver said , we can all bitch a moan on here, it will take everyone calling them and complaining ( like I have done repeatedly ) to have any hope of them listening. Of course informing me that could go to another provider pretty much explains their position.


Which begs the question why is a Telus agent actually telling you to ditch Telus and go with someone else. I thought they were supposed to read from a script and keep the customers from leaving?

Also I want to know what the so called 90 percenters are actually using their internet for since those 90 percenters i am betting probally use way less then 100gigs per month.

The 10 percenters cant be the only people living in the real 21st century can we? You know the century where Bits and Btyes are in short supply apparently.


Port Coquitlam, BC
They are completely unaware that they actually have competition in the form of Teksavvy, the agent I spoke with had never even heard of Teksavvy . They believe that their only competition is Shaw they have pretty much matched rates with.
I believe bimmerdriver received a similar response from Telus.
It's easy to behave like an arrogant jackass when you believe your only competition is behaving like an arrogant jackass