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York, ON
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Re: Voltage - still no cease and desist letter?

said by funny0:

said by sbrook:

reminds me of American "made in Canada movies" ... in several scenes in the start of one movie, they removed images of the CN Tower when taken of the skyline from the Islands. Towards the end of the movie there were a couple scenes where they didn't even bother to maintain the illusion.

Then there was Short Circuit 2, where Ben got his US Citizenship (with American Flag flying proudly) on the steps of Queens Park!

and dare i say it one of the most popular sci fi shows of the last 20 years WAS mostly made in canada
stargate sg1
as was andromeda
and you can continue looking into it. YOU will see a lot of the sci fi was and is canada. Americans can't do math so don't expect any good sci fi....

Stargate SG1 was popular? God, that was a terrible series. Andromeda wasn't bad but it was worth watching.


Peterborough, ON
SG1 was fantastic.


reply to neuromancer1
sg1 millions a viewrs per night
upwards past 11
10 seasons of sg1
5 seasons of atlantis and the 2 seasons of sgu
plus a 2 season kids animation

then there are novels and rpg ebooks
and you ask it sucked sounds like someones taste is not with the majority

andromeda was ok and was based on roddenberries last ideas of what came after a warp drive and some scientists even postulate its pretty close...at least until the warp bubble from nasa is done.

babylon v is another good series but i dont think it was made in canada

we also have star hunter 2 seasons
tekwar only a few eps

ya a lot a sci fi from canada
now that hollywood has its copyright law its done

continuum doesnt look like it may come back

so your stuck with animated clone wars
and people want us to pay for what
ill just make my own stuffs


Are we all still talking about voltage here? Or is this a TV topic?

Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
reply to ahar
Continuum, got ok'd for a 2nd season, last I heard. (Plus its quite popular over in UK right now)

Don't forget Sanctuary, also had a run.

ofc there are a few more shows that aren't strictly sci-fi done up here too.

Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to shrug
We're still talking about Voltage.....and they very much remind me of Dennis Moore

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLkhx0eq ··· hx0eqK5w