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Andover, NJ

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Re: [Pricing] Question about Verizon 65+ plan

Stopped in a Verizon store today and talked with the sales guy about this plan. Bottom line, it is really poor as the cost is almost equal to the share everything plan.

2 lines $60 (450 minutes shared)
2 data @2GB $60 (data is not shared on this plan)
2 text 1000 units $20
Total, before fees $140.00

shared 2 smart phones

2 phones $80.00 (unlimited text & talk )
2 GB shared data $60 (shared between 2 phones)
Total $140.00

So for the same price I can get slightly less data but a lot more talking time.

What is the point of the 65 plus if you have a smart phone???

Initially I was excited as I ass/um/ed the 65 plus allowed sharing data between lines, but that is not the case.

And to confirm what others have said, any phone is available with a subsidy on the 65 plus and "friends + family" does not apply unless you have a 1400 minute plan. I am not sure the relevance of the Friends + Family anymore as there does not seem to be a plan offering that has 1400 minutes. They are either 450 minutes or unlimited.

Straight Talk with Google/LG Nexus 4 is sounding really good right now. Sweet phone, $90/month for both of us.

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.


Kansas City, MO
said by pende_tim:

So for the same price I can get slightly less data but a lot more talking time.

Not sure that 50% less is "slightly"... the 65+ plan is a better deal if you use data more than minutes.