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[Internet] "we're giving you an extra 5GB of Internet usage

Whoopee... getting more for my money! [extreme sarcasm]
Good news! As of January 28, 2013, we are adding an extra 5 GB of monthly usage to your Internet service.
With 5 GB of extra usage, you can upload and share more photos and download more songs and videos – all at the same great speeds you currently enjoy.
Best of all, you don’t have to do anything – your total usage allowance will automatically increase to 20 GB every month. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Bell.
No, Bell -- it's actually your way of trying to calm down customers who were given the annual screw job with another rate hike. I don't need 5GB more; how 'bout actually upgrading my neighbourhood for Fibe TV so I could get something better than 5Mbps? Sighhhh...
For the confused, I received this email from Bell; I have Fibe 5 Internet service.

Montreal DSL


Re: [Internet] "we're giving you an extra 5GB of Internet u

Not interested in cable internet? 75GB, 300GB, unlimited

Toronto, ON

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reply to spindoctor
I received this email today because the price for 15/10 has been lowered from $56.95 to $53.95. The caps on 15/10 were also lowered from 75GB to 60GB. As an incentive to keep you on the $3 more expensive grandfathered plan, they are giving out an extra 25GB usage for a total of 100GB instead of 75GB.

I don't know about changes to other plans, but something similar must have happened. 5/1 gets extra 5GB.

It looks like Bell lowered prices across the board, but they also lowered the caps. And with lower prices and lower caps, they can focus on upselling the $10 or $30 for unlimited add-on.


reply to spindoctor
I don't want more usage I want a cheaper price.