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Comcast Residential possible to use SMC SMCD3GN2 Modem?


I recently signed up for Comcast Xfinity Internet service (their 20 Mbps plan) and they gave me a cheap looking SA DPC2100R2 modem. I can't believe they are charging me $7 per month to lease this thing.

Anyway I picked up a SMCD3GN2 modem on Craigs after finding out it has Gigabit ports, Wireless-N and DOCSIS 3. Sadly I didn't think the fact that they only mention the SMCD3GNV on their "supported modem" list would be a problem, but apparently it is a big issue.

When I tried activating the modem myself online it says there is a problem communicating. When I spoke to Live Chat help she said the modem model # is not support and hung up on me (literally just ended the chat, very rude). I spoke to tech support on the phone and he couldnt get it working so he transferred me to the activations department and my call was disconnected. I tried again with Live Chat and she said "there are some codes that need to be added on your account" in order to activate the modem.

Anyway I'm wondering if there is any hope to activate this modem? It seems like it WOULD work if they were willing to push it through their system somehow. I can see the IP address is getting assigned just fine.

Alternatively does anyone know if I can flash it with different firmware, say the SMCD3GNV firmware to make it "look" like a supported device?

Thanks for any help.

Schuylkill Haven, PA
1) That that gateway device was never for sale commercially, it was probably pilfered from Comcast.
2) Comcast will only provision certain customer owned telephony modems purchased from Best Buy. The SMC is not it.


Pearland, TX
reply to rezilient
rule no. 1 for cable internet service

DO NOT BUY your cable modem from craigslist and or ebay. go with a reputable seller.

rule no. 2

research research research before buying anything.

Thanks guys. I wish I did more research, I kind of just jumped on this because it seemed like a good deal for a DOCSIS 3.0 modem with GigE ports. Anyway, lesson learned.

I'd love to open this thing up and flash new firmware on it, maybe use it for something else. If anyone knows technical details on this thing, backend service menus, something.. It would be a fun project.