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Burlington, ON

Move entire iTunes Folder

Sorry if this has been previously addressed. I cannot find a topic that clearly references this, and I don't see an article that exactly describes what I want to do.

I have 2 unique iTunes libraries on my main computer - one for our iPad, and one for our iPods and my iPhone.

While not huge in size, they are starting to take up far too much room on my C drive, which is a fairly small Raptor drive. Primarily it is used to run the Windows OS, and the few programs which force a C drive install. All the rest of my programs are installed to a separate drive (D).

All I want to do is move the iTunes libraries from C to D. I am used to holding down SHIFT when launching iTunes, in order to switch between the 2 libraries as it is.

I don't want to move just the music folder - as it is, almost all of my music is from mp3's already on my computer, not purchased through iTunes. I don't want to create a second music library.

Is there any reason I can't simply cut and paste the iTunes folders, moving them from one drive to another?

As it is, the iTunes program itself is installed on D not C, it's just the libraries that are becoming space hogs.

Ai Otsukaholic
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I don't know if you can move the entire folder, I think the indexes (the itl file etc) need to stay where they are, but you can move the media folder within the iTunes folder anywhere. I've never tried moving the indexes, it may be as simple as moving them and then doing an opening with or something. But the indexes, album art, etc are usually small so I don't worry about their sizes.

After the media folder is moved, you can tell tell it where the media is located by going to "Advanced" in the iTunes preferences panel.


Burlington, ON

Thank you for the reply. I ended up copying the entire folder, and it seems ok. I haven't deleted the original yet. I have to hold down shift when I launch iTunes, but I was doing that before.

So, it seems to work...


Mesa, AZ
reply to diskdocx

Should work fine. In our corporate environment, we use Offline Folders for My Documents and we really didn't want to synch someone's iTunes folder with the network.
So when we set someone up with iTunes, we let it create the default library. Then close it, move the entire iTunes folder to another location, then open iTunes again with shift and tell it where the library is.