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Concord, ON

DSL vs Cable ??

I am about to make the jump to Teksavy from Bell. I have been looking at the different packages that they have, there are a few point that maybe the forum could give a answer to. First could you let me know why the difference in price between the cable and dsl, also why dsl 25 you have to rent the modem where as with cable you can buy it. Lastly which seems to have the better over all performance ansd stability.


Belleville, ON
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I am taking a guess since that modem I look up on Google all the images of that modem says Bell. I am guessing it has something to do with Bell. You may HAVE to use there modem for it to work. I Teksavvy rep would probably tell you more on this.

I cannot tell you which is better though. Could depend on your location. Price wise I think cable is better with that part

Nepean, ON
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reply to coolvibes
The price difference is because Bell charges more for the interlink between Bell and TekSavvy.

The modem rental is a requirement from Bell.


I've been using cable internet since 1998 when it was still @home and for the speeds and reliability were much better than DSL. The only advantage the DSL had over cable was the higher upload speed however with Rogers pushing out the new speed tiers in December DSL is losing that advantage.


London, ON
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reply to coolvibes
It depends on where you live and what Bell offers in your area if DSL or Cable is better.

Technically DSL has always been the better delivery method than Cable. But with all the improvements Cablecos have made with DOCSIS and Bell's reluctance to replace or upgrade it's aging copper infrastrucutre, Cable is often the better option in many areas.

Like mine, Bell will only offer me Fibe 5/1 (can't believe the even but Fibe infront of that). And thus I could only ever get the same from TekSavvy. But I can get 28/1 (my neighbor was 150/10 with Rogers).

If you can get 25/10 from TekSavvy in your area, it's the better choice. Of course if you don't need the 10Mbps of upload and can live with 1Mbps, 28/1 Cable will save you a bit monthly.

You'd also want to ask people in your immediate neighbouhood who have either package (from Tek, Bell, Rogers or anyone else) who their performance is.


Update: Out of curiosity I typed in my postal code on TekSavvy's side for DSL packages I qualify for, I can get 15/1 and 25/10. Bell only qualifies me for 5/1. My previous address still only qualifies for 6/800 though.


North York, ON
reply to coolvibes
Rule has been, if you can get cable and don't mind slower uploads then get cable. Now with new upload speeds on cable, it should take even more market share.

One other thing that makes DSL more expensive is that you need to pay for a phone line or a dry loop on top... oh and you are required to rent the modem on DSL.. so it's much more expensive for DSL

I was on DSL for 2 years with TSI, when Cable came out with TSI I switched and never looked back! Cable has been great for me.

TSI Keith
reply to coolvibes
Thanks to everyone, this has pretty much been covered. The modem rental on DSL 25 again is a Bell requirement, DSL has more upload but requires an analog home phone line. If you do not have home phone (or you do but it's digital or VOIP) then you need dry loop which increases the price. Cable then, is often better speed (on download anyway) for less.

Over all performance/stability for both should be strong but it will depend on your location (local congestion? older phone wiring? too far from CO to receive 10Mb up?) if you post your rough location you may be able to get some nearby users to share their experience.
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Concord, ON
I am located in concord , ont around centre st and dufferin st ,. Can i get some feedback from anyone in the general vicinity.