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Re: [CFL] Brighthouse Ups Modem Lease Fee Again!

Me personally, I would rather just fork out the fee instead of having to fork out the price of the modem ($85-$90 give or take depending on the model) and then it go out or get struck by lightning, then I have to warranty the thing, and all that whereas the fee actually to me is a convenience because BHN will keep my router updated and replace it if it malfunctions. It all depends on the preference of the customer. Especially older folk or some that are not as tech savvy, this may be ok and give less headaches instead of worrying about updates and either having to file warranty on the modem or fork out for a new one. IMO.
From the Tampa Bay/Brighthouse Market - *This is the opinion of myself and not the opinion of BHN. I do not work for BHN. In case of any conflict between the content provided on this website by me and the content of BHN themselves, BHN comments dictate.*


Melbourne, FL

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I like the fact that if my equipment quits I can either drive 5 minutes to the office and get another one or I can call and someone will come out the next day. Some things I like to do on my own but things like modems/boxes I'll pay a fee for less of a headache.