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Kitchener, ON

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reply to TSI Paul

Re: [DSL] TekSavvy + Netflix = NOT GOOD

Well... I see TekSavvy's solution to this problem is just to say that the line is fine so there must not be a problem, then ignore the situation. This is the kind of thing I'd expect from Ali Babba Shaqua Shouvez at BELL to pull, not TekSavvy.

It's quite disappointing actually and is making me put some great consideration into whether or not to change providers. I simply cannot have a provider that tries to blame the problem on the customer's hardware, then ignores the problem.

I'm also not very impressed with the fact that when I was with Bell, my physical hardware line speed was just over 1Mbit faster than it is now that I've switched to TekSavvy. Nobody has come up with an answer to that, yet I see that other forum threads in the TekSavvy Direct forum are being answered.

I hope that TSI is reading this thread because I'm SERIOUSLY not happy with them at the current moment. 3 DSL connections and 2 Cable connections may be transferred to another provider over this. I also wonder what the Ministry of Commercial Affairs and Consumer Relations would think of a provider that IGNORES their customer's problems.... NOT COOL!

(EDIT: ATTENTION TSI Marc!!! Something NEEDS to be done about the fact that once TekSavvy staff is presented with something they either don't want to handle, or they otherwise don't want to explain, they just IGNORE their customer! This will be a GREAT way for TekSavvy to LOOSE BUSINESS!)

TSI Paul
Business Services Rep
Chatham, ON
nevermind found the account in the direct. Looking into now.