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distributor problem

I think I mentioned a long time ago that my network was down and I
called Linktechs.net for support.

Having spoken to Dennis once over the phone for a simple problem
(he had refused money) I thought they were a good choice.

The day I called I was asked to forward 150 dollars before I could speak to someone. No problem: I paypal 150 and call back.

"That won't clear for a week" so they would not let me talk to support. Tried to cancel through paypal: not this transaction.

So I called someone else and my 150 bucks stayed in their account.

A year later and I see a weather station on their website.
I order it for my credit (cost of weather station 120 dollars)

I am informed that shipping to Ottawa is 130 dollars! I say whoa!
I am near Montreal or Toronto not in Antarctica!

We find ups ground at 63 bucks. I reluctantly agree: they don`t use post office.

I get the parcel a month later after a few calls (where is it) It was shipped to their warehouse.

I get a call from ups that I need to pay duty and taxes: 60 dollars
What have I got to loose?

So the weather station that »proweatherstation.com can ship me for 30 bucks has now cost me

182.09 (linktechs bill) and
60.00 (ups bill) TOTAL COST 242.09

NOT BAD FOR A $120 weather station that took a month to get here

Did I forget to mention that when I opened the box the anemometor was not there. (wind speed)

I called the distributor at »proweatherstation.com/ and they informed me they had not sold linktechs anything in the last year.

They kindly sent me a free sensor if I paid shipping 10 BUCKS

End of rant if you need a weather station follow the link
Linktechs was very nice over the phone but I won`t call back
and neither should you



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I have Jim Patient on my fb who works at Link Technologies, Inc I could see what there deal is.


Queen Anne, MD

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reply to thewisperer
I never liked those guys. Dennis used to spam forums constantly and for what his book cost he could have least used spell and grammar check.



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He is one of the reasons I was turned off to Mikrotik. Sorry but Mikrotik is not the answer to every single networking solution. He was good at spamming just about every single forum and list I read with the Mikrotik Gospel anytime someone asked for a router suggestion. Mikrotik may be well suited from many things but it won't replace my 7200s or 12000s.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.

reply to thewisperer
Click for full size
I did get the anemometer and all is well: can't say enough about the people at »proweatherstation.com/

It was ten bucks shipping only

same guys who are Tycon power systems

here is the result on a 120 dollar weather station