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This is a sub-selection from Can I run 6Meg?


reply to Canezoid

Re: Can I run 6Meg?

Those CRC's are from over 3 months of up-time since our last power outage, and we have never had any issues at all since having the speed bumped from 768k to 3M.

I have no idea what gauge the aerial is feeding the crossbox but pretty much all the buried around here is jelly-filled 24G leaving the cross-connect.

As far as the 11.9k ft is concerned, that's what I drove off from the CO and that's also what chat "support" confirmed as well when I was inquiring about more speed. I haven't found an IR guy recently that was willing to tell me EXACTLY how far I really am.

I'm almost tempted to pull the trigger on trying the upgrade just to see what happens because they keep sending me mailers and emails that I can get faster speed.

Anybody out there have any experience with the "Deathstar" lowering their speed back down after a failed speed upgrade?

Belleville, IL

no prob going back down I'm on the edge for 12m and tried to run 12mb but kept knocking out the rg and resyncing. Im at 7100'(but the aerial cable is crap around me) went back down to 6m and have been good ever since

End of line

Powder Springs, GA
reply to COjosh

Driving off dist really is no inidcation of physical line distance, bbt test will tell you exactly based on bit rate attenuation, if you see and I&R tech or prem tech local, just ask them to run the bbt for your BAN & you'll know exactly what the network says, it's not some big secret, takes a min at most.

As far was lowering your tier, that's totally up to you, just give sales a call and request the downgrade should you desire that & make your decision from there.

Just my 2c.