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Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
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Re: Getting frontier to upgrade regional network

That is almost always used as an excuse when one provider acquires another. I guess that is supposed to give an increase in time to fully integrate the newly acquired network into yours.

If the customer base to profit ratio is not sufficient it will be a long time before any improvements are made.


Modoc, IN

Very true. Frontier is a company out to make a profit, after all. If there is limited population growth in an area and Frontier isn't seeing a very high number of new subscribers per year, they're unlikely to invest any more than they absolutely have to in that area. If they see 7-20% growth in an area consistently, they will likely have VDSL2 within 6 months. If the growth is closer to 0% or even declining, you'll be lucky to *keep* the level of service you have now.

I was once told by Frontier if I'm getting over 1mbps 70% of the time, they don't have any obligation to improve my service. I hope you live in a growing market!
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